The Library plays an important role in organizing,processing,retrieving and disseminating the information as well as providing the documents to its user.

It is the heart of information resources. The Objectives of college library is to disseminate the information on teachers education and its all allied disciplines.of of teaching

The Library provides common facilities for all coursees at once place.It has a big hall of 2210sq. Feet and having the seating capacities of 805 students.At present it has 4750 books,200 reference books and it subscribes 44 current journals, 10 maggazines.

There is a facility of books enhancement,every year 200 books are purchased.The Library services are being integrated software devised by NIC,New Delhi. Libarary has photo copying facilities for econmically weaker students .It has internet and on-line books search facilities for students.Our libarary is the richest resourceful libarary among the self finnanced educational colleges.

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